Mark Fisher

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Phoenix, Mr. Fisher spent twenty-eight years running and owning private trucking and oilfield service companies.

Mr. Fisher spent five years as the CEO of Medical Innovations, Inc., a public medical services company.

Mr. Fisher has a BBA in Accounting and an MPA in Taxation from the University of Texas at Austin.

Terry Pruitt

Co-founder, Vice President & COO of Phoenix, President of Phoenix’ South TX Businesses

Mr. Pruitt has over thirty years of experience in the oilfield services industry including the founding of five oilfield services businesses.

Mr Pruitt has been managing predecessor businesses of TP Services since 2000 and managed Phoenix’s expansion into South Texas and other areas.

Reece Boudreaux

Co-founder, Vice President of Marketing, President of Phoenix’ Permian Businesses

Mr. Boudreaux has over twenty-five years of experience in oilfield fluid services, drilling fluid sales and crude oil marketing with various companies.

Mr. Boudreaux has a BA from Texas Tech University.