Heat on the Fly

What is Heat On-The-Fly?

Heat On-The-Fly method is a patented method to vastly improve the water heating process for hydraulic fracturing by heating water to required temperatures, at the volume levels and flow rates needed.

The purpose of Heat On-The-Fly, LLC

1. Introduce this method of water heating to the industry

2. Educate operators and heating companies on the substantial benefits achieved through the Heat On-The-Fly method

3. License the method to key heating companies.

What is Our Mission?

The mission of Heat On-The-Fly is to investigate and identify the value of controlling temperature during continuous flow hydraulic fracturing. We will do this through scientific inquiry and practical application and then communicate the created value to the industry and our partners.


Licensing Heat-On-The-Fly brings your heating capabilities to higher level so you can add value and improve performance on your customer’s projects.

Licensing is simple. Join other top heating companies who are using Heat-On-The-Fly to achieve higher temperatures, larger volumes and improved safety with the continuous flow heating method.

Currently, the Heat On-The-Fly method is being licensed on a non-exclusive basis to three major water heating companies operating in 13 states.

Heat On-The-Fly, LLC offers non-exclusive licenses to heating companies for use in any country in the world in which it has patents pending (currently 140+ countries). By licensing through Heat On-The-Fly, LLC, licensees will gain the full use of all the patent pending methods as well as improvements made to the process.

Heat On-The-Fly, LLC is developing an industry-wide educational program in order to educate and provide information about the advantages of the Heat On-The-Fly method. The result of this program will provide you and your clients a better understanding of the value that this best-in-class continuous flow heating process brings to water heating operations.