Frac Water Heating

What is Super Heaters?

Heat On-The-Fly technology can generate more heat while processing higher volumes of water than any other heater in the marketplace; and when you’re dealing with the extreme cold of the Northern latitudes, the difference can save you time and money. Not only can you heat water faster for your frac jobs, but also you can achieve higher target temperatures and reduce the need for excess tanks. The result is a more efficient frac, a smaller footprint and important cost savings on your well.


As the industry requires more effective water heating techniques, Super Heaters brings advance heating solutions that have been proven in field operations over the past years. Compared to older heaters, Super Heaters substantially improves temperature and volume levels – far greater than existing units. More important, Super Heaters bring a safety component unmatched by conventional equipment.


Super Heaters’ proven performance is so effective, that we’ve been able to bring the concept of Heat On-The-Fly to the oil & gas industry. Heat On-The-Fly gives operators the ability to directly pump water through super heaters, to the fracing tanks for mixing, and ultimately, for injection into the well. The need for a substantial number of tanks to store water has been eliminated. Super Heater units raise the ambient temperature of the source water to the precise level your project requires, while it flows directly to your mixing & pumping operations

Efficiency and Safety

While Super Heaters’ units are designed and built with safety as a top priority, we optimize our customer’s efficiency by offering the fuel source that best meets their desired temperature goals and budgetary needs. Super Heaters offers LNG, CNG, LP, and Diesel fuel sources.


With increased efficiency, operations gain significant safety improvements with Heat On-The-Fly for this reason: fewer tanks and fewer hook-ups. Operators typically make dozens of hot-water connections and de-couplings during a conventional frac, but with Super Heaters, your tank requirements are cut significantly, reducing the number of hook-ups and eliminating the unnecessary exposure to scalding hot water. Further, the Heat On-The-Fly method virtually eliminates the need for storage tanks and the associated transfer of high temperature liquids.